Knilling Strings


Knilling is the specialist stringed instrument division within St Louis Music, producing a full range of violins, violas, cellos and basses for all standards of players, from beginner to professional. The existing brand had evolved over many years, creating a strong brand loyalty but had lost a sense of personality and relevance.It was a brand that, without an icon, could be applied to anything from a pen to a florist. The new logo provided a strong form and sense of context to the Knilling brand and could be easily applied to all platforms. The Knilling namestyle was re-imagined as a unique hand-drawn form with the K going through many incarnations before the right balance was achieved. A special mention here to Sam at Paul&Sam for honing that and the icon to perfection. A new Knilling website was also designed as part of the brand launch.
Designed in association with Paul&Sam, Newcastle.

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